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“It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.”

Ella Fitzgerald 


Voca Voca is the UK’s leading digital design apprenticeship provider. Voca Voca is a specialist apprenticeship programme focusing on Digital Design. Learners are trained by industry professionals who work in the Digital Design field. 




We help businesses find new talent. With the government’s backing, we help you access financial incentives. Apprenticeships bring new talent through the ranks and train your team with the skills they need to help your business succeed.

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A Digital Design apprenticeship allows you to gain valuable experience, qualifications and a salary. You will be taught by leading industry experts. All of this while working with high quality, prestigious companies in the Digital Design industry. 

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Digital Design Education


Our new Level 3 Apprenticeship covers front end web development and digital design. We have specifically designed it to take all the benefits of our highly successful Graphic Design apprenticeship, but we have built in new modules for coding front end websites, understanding coding principles, styling HTML elements and working with PHP.


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Jonathan Seaton MD Twinkl Ltd

“I’m Jonathan Seaton and I am the Managing Director of Twinkl Ltd. Twinkl is an online educational publishing house, featuring over 127,000 digital teaching materials, used worldwide. We take pride in our work and have a real desire to help our users even more, so I decided to invite more resource designers to join the team; which is why we decided to work with Voca. Not only are Voca a local business, but also one of a very few companies that is focused on traditional training for people wanting to get involved in design, whilst working. The quality of the work Voca provide has really impressed me, as they give each of the learners the chance to create something for a real company based in Sheffield, which has helped boost their confidence. This can clearly be seen by the work they do here at Twinkl. Our learners have benefited working with Voca , as they are always on hand to help out and they go out of their way to make everyone happy by providing extra facilities and equipment for the learners. It is my belief that not only is the course that Voca provides of very high quality and value to the learners, but they are very friendly and enthusiastic. I have been working with Voca since July 2013, starting with 6 learners and I would recommend them to any company, whether big or small."


Toni Anne MD Nest.co.uk

“The Voca Voca apprentice scheme has been a great success. We have the benefit of working with a young, eager-to-learn individual who can bring a fresh perspective to our activities, and Matt is gaining valuable experience within a real work environment. We couldn’t be happier with the scheme and the benefits it has brought for all. Nest.co.uk have always been supporters of paid apprentices and, as a Sheffield business, we like to connect with the local community, so the Voca Voca apprenticeship scheme is ideal for us. Matt has been working with Nest.co.uk for 10 months now and already we have seen a dramatic improvement in his work. He is motivated, eager-to-learn and full of ideas. We’re really excited by his progress and we’re keen to see how he develops in the future with a little guidance from our team. We would recommend the Voca Voca scheme to all local businesses.”


Simon Margetts Dev.Director Vino Web Design

“Nathan joined our team two months ago and has brought enthusiasm and commitment to all the tasks we have set him. He has integrated well with them team and delivered exceptional work to the high standard we expect from our apprentices. Nathan is a very skilled individual and is a valuable member of the team at Vino, he is able to execute tasks quickly, efficiently and with great skill and we look forward to a great working relationship with him.”

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